SampsonVets - Help Wanted

All correspondence directed to the Web Moderator use this Email Address:

If you have Association questions, refer to our Point of Contacts page which identifies the Member who may be able to
respond to your particular question.

All Membership Directory changes are to be mailed directly to Harvey Reibel at:
Sampson Air Force Base Veterans Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1612
N. Massapequa, NY 11758-0911

This is to assure all changes are received and processed.

NO request for data change via the Log book will be honored.

State and Regional Coordinators Needed

We are looking for members to act as SAFBVA coordinators in their respective states/regions. Basically the requirements will be to act as laison between members and the BOD, help organize “mini” reunions within their state/region, and make periodic contact with local media sources to get the word out about our Association. We have compiled a list of interested members and if you would be interested, please contact Harvey Reibel, our National Coordinator. (See Association Contacts Page)

New England Wing looking for volunteers as Squadron Commanders

We are looking for volunteers who may want to form squadrons within the New England area to contact us.
If interested contact: New England Coordinator, Norm Morency at: 978-692-7722 - Email:
National Coordinator Harvey Reibel at: 516-455-2710 - Email:

Central New York Squadron Commander

Donald “Pete” White, has resigned as the Central New York Squadron Commander (No replacement as of now).

We are asking anyone who may be interested in replacing him to contact: Harvey Reibel at: PH 516-455-2710 Email:

The squadron is located in the central part of upstate New York. It is one of three squadrons in New York State. The other two are: The Western NY Squadron in the Buffalo area and the Long Island Squadron in the New York City-Long Island area.

Our area includes cities such as Syracuse, Albany, Utica, Rome, and Oneonta. Small towns and rural communities located all through the beautiful rolling hills of farm land.

The Central New York Squadron holds an annual spring breakfast, summer events such as picnics, tours and boat cruises on various lakes within the region.

Data Base Flight Information Needed

Help is needed on the Sampson Data Base. We need orders that have the names of airmen from your flight. The best orders are the ones where your flight made promotion, when you completed basic. We could also use a flight picture if the names are on the back. We are also missing a lot of flights from Airman books.

If you can supply us with any of this information please contact Ron Addington at 330-477-5195 or e-mail at

Send Us Your Photos

We are asking members to send us early military and present day pictures for our “Then and Now” page.
Also if you have a hobby, send us several of your choice pictures for our “Hobby” page.
Send them as E-Mail attachments to:
Send as hard copy if necessary (NO ORIGINALS) .
Send to: Norm Morency, 10 Byrne Ave., Westford, MA 01886

Dual Address Alert

If you have more than one mailing address (Summer and Winter residence, ect.), you must choose only one address for your Roll Call newsletter. We no longer can mail to two different addresses. You must inform your local Post Office if you would like to have your mail forwarded to another address. (The Post Office may charge for this service). Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The main reason for this change: some of the local Post Offices return copies because proper forwarded addresses is not in service. This will eliminate the problem. Each address change is charged to SAFBVA and when we get the Roll Call back, these returns cost $2.75 each. They were put in envelopes and re-mailed first class.