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Bob Schmid

Dave Doyle

My Planes & Airfield

The Yellow and Green (John Deere) is a 1947 Stinson 108-2. The red and white aircraft is a 1953 PA-22-135 Piper Tri-Pacer. The other pictures are of our land that has a 2000'
runway on it in Felton DE..

My Dad got me started as a railroad
buff at a very young age. We would
spend afternoons on the New York
Ave. Bridge in Washington D.C.
The old locomotive photo was taken by My Dad at Alexandria, Va. sometime in the 30's.
The red one is at White River Jct., Vt. This train arrived from Wells River, Vt. and was shoving to the yard of the New England Central to transfer cars.

Phil Martin

My Mopars

Our Plum Crazy 72 Cuda/440 ci
Our White 89 Dodge Lancer Shelby Turbo
1 of 208 built

We are attempting to generate an interest for a section of our site to
display some of our
Members "HOBBY" items. Show us some of your
"TOYS", now that the
"kids" are up and gone (in most cases).
There could be various types of hobby items:

Cars, Planes, Boats, Trains, Collectibles, Animals & More !!!!
Send a max of 4 pics (NOT ORIGINALS) and a brief Descriptor of your item(s).
FOR SALE items not allowed.

EMail To:

Send Hard Copy To:
Norm Morency
10 Byrne Avenue

Westford, MA 01886

69 AMC Javelin

I'm the original owner, it has 147,000 miles on it, family car 1969 to 1976.
Nothing exceptional about the engine (290 V-8). Sheet metal 99% original, an Ohio car all it's life. The wheels maybe the only full set of Mr. Gasket wheels in existence.

Marine Jeep Restoration

Ben Fisher

Phil Pender

Train Buff

These Are Our "HOBBIES"
Show us
some of yours

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