I have in my home library books
on many subjects. Some I have read
two and three times. I have never
thrown away a book. I have some
from my parents going back to
the 1920s. Some of my favorites are
stories of Route 66 and train travel.
I also have several books on the
WWII war in the Pacific. You will
find several  Hemingway and
Steinbeck books on my shelves too.

Here's my hobby, Books

Jerry Ozbun

Diecast Car Collection

Wilfred Rock

My collection started with the 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost pictured here.Over many years, I have collected about 300+ different cars and trucks. They are from The Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Winross, Match Box, Hot Wheels, Hess Trucks and many Racing Champion cars and Hauler trucks of NasCar.The Franklin, Danbury Mint cars and Winross trucks I have on display. Most of the others are packed away in boxes .

Bob Lawler

Sand Art

The ‘Sand Art’ photos are of me in the booth and of the various bottles of sand colors. We really enjoy interacting with the kids.

Paul Skinner


Paul enjoyed riding his four wheeled bike around his neighborhood, and especially when his granddaughter rode along.

Lew Vest

Coin Collecting

I have enjoyed coin collecting for
more than 40 years, and also dabble
in baseball cards and first day stamp

Tom Harris

Model Aircraft & Car collecting

My Hobbies are aircraft models and pictures I was associated with during my 30 years in the Air Force, also collecting my favorite NASCAR miniature cars.

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