SampsonVets - Hobbies 3

I started in amateur radio in 1951 in
high school. One of the first Novice
class license recipients. Because of
the different testing procedures back
then, and numerous remote duties, had
to let my license lapse, until I retired
from the USAF in '78. Then got back
into radio, and now have an advanced
class license. I kept my code up, at
different AFCS assignments, especially
in Japan and Turkey.Call sign is KA0FGY.
In the photo of the 3 Hams, I'm on the right.

All my life, I wanted a model railroad, but never
had time or funds. Upon retirement, I found both
and have been building the Hay Creek Railroad.
This Is N scale. HCRR will never be complete.
Just like in real life, some things get torn down
and something else built there.

Dick Eselby

Model Railroading

Gus Kilthau

Book Writing

I sort of do this whenever I have time. This one made it into a whole book that was illustrated by Al Kaeppel. I asked my kids what to name the book and they both said, in one voice, “Mother Gus.”

Jim Dockstader


I flew freight in the red and white twin engine
D-18 while stationed in Alaska (front photo).
Working on an engine change on a Grumman
Ag-Cat at a Farmer’s strip in Savanah, NY when
I had my aircraft overhaul shop.(rear photo)

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