Sampson Vets - Hobbies 4

Hal Fulton

Aircraft Collection

World War II Identification Models

I collect W W II Identification/spotter models. During
that war, over four million were made of 220 different allied and enemy aircraft in the 1/72 nd scale. They
were used to train pilots, gunners and other personnel
in aircraft identification. They range in wingspan from
6 inches for the average fighter to 24 inches on the B-29.
They were typically displayed by suspending them from ceilings so they could be observed in a flying attitude. Because of the common scale, size comparisons could easily be made. A model 35 feet from the observer would look identical to the real aircraft at one-half mile.
Made from an early form of plastic…cellulose acetate. All were coated with a flat black finish. Over a period of time they will deteriorate particularly if kept in the sun or warm areas.
My personal collection numbers 37 models and I am always on the look out for more. Most are found on ebay.

Al Peters

Model Airplanes

Ralph Rooney

Diecast Car Collection & HO Buildings Collection

I enjoy building U-control model aircraft, at present I have 40 + which I no longer fly, and
I am running out of storage space.

I collect Die Cast Vehicles and Build HO Scale buildings. My vehicles range from 1/87 scale (HO) to 1/24. They are both Military and Civilian, plus a few John Deere Tractors, these models are like some that we had on our farm back in the 30's thru 50's. My pride and joy is a 1956 Ford T-Bird, I owned one in 1958 and a 1938 Ford Fire Truck. This truck was the first truck that the Town of Hampstead, NH had
purchased. It was the first truck I was trained on and the first that I took to a fire. It was still in service in the 60's and now used in our parades. My Military Vehicles are mostly World War II as these were the ones we used and drove. from Jeeps to Deuce and a half's. I do have four 1931 Model A Fords from 2 door to the coupe. My first car was a 1930 Model A coupe. I enjoy building the HO Buildings and then setting them up in different layouts. I have a complete farm with live stock and all. Wish I could do a HO Railroad but space does not permit.

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