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My summer car 1989 Porsche 944.
I really enjoy this car in the summer.
My winter car 1989 Saab.

Don Christman

My hobby is Helicopter Restoration /Tour Guide for visitors touring our complex located in Roy, Utah.

I have spent the past 18 years as a Volunteer at the Hill AFB Museum.

  Viewed here is a HH-1H Bell Helicopter one of only 30 manufactured for the Air Force. Looks like the Army Huey, however the tail rotor is on the right side in lieu of the left side. Rescue hoist is mounted on the cabin roof in lieu of early model Huey's which mounts in the door.

 I first flew left seat on the machine, 20 hrs on the air frame. Last Flight was in July 1974, before assignment to Little Rock.

 It returned here and then was dropped from the USAH Inventory, now on static display.

Earle Dowd

Dave Agnes

Car Racing

My hobby is Super Modified racing.
Charlotte NC at race time is the place to be.
I make about 30 race tracks a year not NASCAR.
I don't care for NASCAR racing Super Modifieds
are the thing.
I also maintain a webpage

I like flying with Jack Roush in his P-51 Mustang 

Michael Waltrip came along one day and stole
my ride in the P-51.

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