Shortly before our reunion of September 2002 we were notified by the Air Force Museum that we could have
a T-33 for static display. The T-33 was located in Dayton, TN. So in October a few us of went to Dayton to see
what shape the T-33 was in. It was horrible so we said “thanks but no thanks”.

Then in the spring of 2003 we were informed that there was one in Atwater, Alabama that was in better shape.
We looked at some pictures provided by the Atwater people and said, “ok we want it.” We obtained the use
of a flat bed 18 wheeler, gathered up some old mattresses and five Association members took off for Atwater.

They arrived there on June 5th 2003 and started to dismantle the T-33. The pictures we were provided did
not tell the story. The plane was a mess but we said, we are here, let’s do it. They left for Sampson on June 9th.

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