Sampson Air Force Base was located on the eastern shore of Lake Seneca in the Finger Lakes region of New York, covering an initial area of 2600 acres. The original construction was authorized in May 42 ,to serve as a Naval Training Station, (USNTS Sampson, NY) during 1942-1945. being completed in 270 days from the start of construction. It later served as an Air Force Basic Training Center during the Korean War era (1950-1956). It is estimated that 411,000+ Navy personnel and 330,000+ Air Force completed their training at the Sampson installation. Over various time periods, the facility has served many different purposes, including its current designation as Sampson State Park.

The Sampson Air Force Museum is currently located in the building which was formerly the old stockade/brig. The displays are quite extensive, including a restored T 33 static display aircraft and a Falcon Memorial statue. The Museum is funded primarily via contributions and fund-raising activities.
In addition to the monetary contributions of Association members, thousands of hours of volunteer labor have gone into the efforts and are ongoing today.

Sampson Air Force Museum

The museum is open annually from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. The hours of operation are: open 9:30 AM with the last admittance at 3:00

Sign on Rte 96A So. at Sampson State Park entrance

Entrance to Sampson State Park

Flag poles at circle entering Sampson State Park

View approaching Museum