Attention Brick Orders
Starting March 14, 2014 we will end the brick program. In its place you can now make donations in the following way. We presently have in our Memorial Room three (3) plaques with the following donated amounts:

Your name will be placed on a brass plate and displayed on the plaque. If you want to send in a donation other than the plaque you may do so and you may request what you want the donation to go towards. You have 4 lines to use on a plate EX: Name -Rank-Years-Flight

By Laws
(d) Life memberships will be granted to previously accepted Active, Hereditary or Associate members upon payment of the life membership fee.

September Board Meeting 2013
The By laws (d) change was brought up and the following was approved by the board. To eliminate Life Time Membership dues (Reason as you all know, a Heritage group will be taking over the museum). The board agreed paying a Life Time payment now at this late stage, it will be better for new members to just pay yearly.

Amendment Change
Life Membership fee will no longer be available to apply for. Vote on approval of the above Amendment will be taken at 2014 September Reunion.

Bronze plaque - $25.00 to $99.00

Silver plaque - $100.00 to $249.00

Gold plaque - $250.00 to $500.00



I ________________________________________________ Association Member Number

_____________________________________ would like to donate ($25 minimum donation)

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________

Please mail to: SAFBVA, P.O. Box 1612, N. Massapequa, NY 11758 -0911

Don’t forget to bring your pennies & change to the reunion again this year. They really do add up and help us with the museum operations.

>print cut-out and mail<

SAFBVA Chaplain

The SAFBVA Chaplain is Donald L. Lawrence.
Anyone who has the need to contact him. (see Association Contacts)
He can be reached at 315-536-7674 or email:

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Roll Call

All members: Starting in 2015 you will not receive 4 issues of Roll Call. The new issues will be only 3 times a year: April, August and December. At our general meeting the reason for the change was brought up and explained that the change will save us around $4,000
Dollars per published issue.

Due to this change of 3 issues it changes the format that we had always used. With 3 issues we cannot send out ballots like we always did, because of this the following motion was brought up. Having a quorum present the following motion was brought up by Don Christman. “Because of the Roll Call 3 issues, all of the present officers who are now in office would automatically hold their present position for the following years: 2015, 2016 and 2017”. This was brought up for vote with majority in favor. The vote was accepted and passed.