Ben Fisher
Flt 2757
Corona, AZ

Jerry Ozbun
Flt 2925
Clearwater, FL

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Norm Morency
10 Byrne Avenue
Westford, MA 01886

Bob Evans *
Flt 3391
Traverse City, MI

Dave Doyle
Flt 2141
Felton DE

Gus Kilthau
Flt 905
Houston TX

Wilfred Rock
Flt 243
Reading, PA

Ben Sneed *
Flt 2533
Myrtle Beach, SC

Goodbye in ‘53 - Hello in ‘02

Dave Shaner *
Flt 212
Gilbertsville, PA

Joe Coughlin
Flt 1898
Colorado Springs,CO

Ed Arnold
Chiefland, FL

Lew Brown
Flt 109
Colorado Springs, CO

Earle Dowd
Flt 4595
Roy, UT

Les Sandifur
Flt 627
Ovid, NY

Ron Erickson *
Flt 3519
Colorado Springs, CO

Chip Phillips *
Flt 2750
Williamsville, NY

Then and Now

SampsonVets - Then and Now 1
(* denotes deceased)

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John Hansen
Flt 2203
Emmaus, PA

Paul Skinner *
Flt 2679
Wallkill, NY

Bill Bernatovich
Flt 2478
Victor, NY