From Roll Call Editor

Our printer is helping us put the Roll Call together. The current technology is digital and the old
“cutting and pasting” of type no longer exists. Film is not even used anymore in their printing
process. It all goes from the computer to the press. So in order for them to do their job and keep
our cost down, the more we can give them, digitally, the less time will be spent in actually typing the articles and most of the time will be spent on manipulating the articles and photos we give them to lay out the pages in a consistent manner. Here are suggestions:

How to submit Articles:
Preferred method: Type article in Microsoft Word and e-mail as an attachment to:
Alternate method: Type article any method you can and mail a hard copy to me. We will retype it for you and
present to the printer in a digital format.
Mail to: 6012 State Route 434, Apt. G2, Apalachin, NY 13732-2445 
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How to submit photos:

E-mail high resolution digital camera photos to: Send as attachments only.

Mail 35 mm prints. For best quality our printer prefers to scan them. Do not send hard copies you have printed
from your computer as they will not reproduce well. You will get them back.
Mail to: 6012 State Route 434, Apt. G2, Apalachin, NY 13732-2445 

If you want a caption used for your photograph, do not write on back of photo with ballpoint pen.
Use felt tip or attach a post-it note to the back indicating your caption. If e-mailing digital photo, type caption
in the body of the e-mail.

BriAnn Schweitzer