Southwest Region

Southwest Region Squadron Formation

Two Texas Sampson vets - Gus Kilthau of Houston and Richard Anderson of Montgomery - have gotten together to form a squadron within the southwest region.

The following is an article from the squadron’s web site currently at

The Southwest Region Squadron will be made up of U.S. military veterans who served in any service branch at any time, or who are now serving in the military, plus their invited friends and neighbors who have an interest in our affairs.

The states involved in the Southwest Region Squadron are Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. Vets from other states are also welcome.

Right now we have a very simple mission - provide contact and comradeship with one another through use of the Web site, using eMails, voice chat sessions, and with personal gettogethers from time to time in places of our choosing.

There are no dues or membership fees to be a member of the squadron. You may choose to change that, but, for now, membership is free of cost. Squadron officers will be nominatedand chosen by the members. (Volunteer officers will kindly take one step forward...)

The Southwest Region is long and wide, far more so than are the more local squadrons in the northeast part of the United States. Therefore it is likely that members will want to come together every month or two in places close by as well as meeting together as a group in a selected location once or twice a year.

Those who become members will be provided access to the eMail list of the squadron in order that they may be in contact with fellow members. Also, members will be encouraged to participate in the squadron’s “blog,” (bulletin board) and its Wednesday evening voice chat sessions on “PalTalk” to spread news about themselves and their doings.

To become a member, simply provide us with your name, your regular mailing address, your preferred eMail address, and a word or two about your military service (like branch and dates). That’s all there is to it.

Contact Us at: SW Region Squadron, PO Box 1741, Bellaire, TX 77402

Email : (Gus Kilthau) - or (Richard Anderson) -

Web site at


There are no activities at this time.